Martha Stewart shares nude shoot for Spy Magazine cover

Martha Stewart racked up over 44 thousand likes with a recent Instagram post of her nude cover shoot for Spy Magazine

Martha Stewart, 81, known best for doing more jail time than Snoop Dogg, who by the way, says they’re “Best Friends,” took to Instagram today to share a 1996 nude cover photo for Spy Magazine.

The cover features her posing naked, “Birth of Venus style.” An original edition of the mag has recently sold for US $39.99.

martha and snoop
Credit: Yahoo

Spy Magazine was an influential satirical -read snarky- publication in the ’90s that regularly mocked American celebrities and elites. If you pay close enough attention, it appears that Martha Stewart’s head has been affixed to another person’s body. 


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Fans flooded the post with comments to praise the throwback photo shoot.

Martha! Spicy!


Ok girl I see you thirst trapping Pete 🔥🔥🔥