Aussie artist Woodes is teaming up with Minecraft and Twitch to launch debut album

Aussie artist, Woodes, has been building a reputation for herself in the music world as a rising indie-pop star. The musician is gearing up to release her debut album, Crystal Ball – with a twist.

Woodes will be collaborating with Minecraft and Twitch in the lead-up to her album release on October 2nd, and fans are invited to help out.

woodes minecraft twitch crystal ball
Photo: Nick Mckk

Aussie artist, Woodes, will be collaborating with gaming platforms Minecraft and Twitch in the lead-up to her debut album release.

Woodes has before expressed her love for sci-fi, gaming, and of course, music. In collaboration with Reuben Gore, the creator and mastermind of Splendour in the Grass on Minecraft, Woodes can combine her passions in the release of her debut album.

Woodes and fans will be able to create buildings within a single Minecraft village, the ‘Crystal Ball Village’. The village creation will be streamed on Twitch until the release of the album. Fans can then build to their heart’s desire on a private server.

“I started playing Minecraft in 2017 with my housemates,” she described. “I thought it was more for kids, or not as exciting as some games, but immediately was drawn in by how infinite the possibilities were, and how social the servers were for hanging out in groups.”

“Seeing the Splendour in the Grass Minecraft go up, I immediately reached out to the creator of it, Reuben Gore, and now we’re planning all of the different components together,” she continued.

A trailer for Woodes’ Minecraft/Twitch series is also available on her official YouTube channel. Check it out below!