Minecraft fans alert: C418’s legendary soundtrack is getting a physical release

Minecraft, the best selling video-game of all time, has a seriously unforgettable soundtrack.

And now, thanks to Ghostly, some of its compositions can now be immortalised in your dusty (but beautiful) vinyl collection.

minecraft soundtrack physical release.

Minecraft composer Daniel Rosenfeld, aka C418, has once again teamed up with record label Ghostly to release another batch of Minecraft soundtracks.

The first time I played MC, I remember building the shittest dirt hut, watching the sun go down and listening to some gorgeous, understated piano. Little did I know, this was the revolutionary work of composer and producer C418, an artist that has been compared to the likes of Erik Satie and Brian Eno.

The game has seen a lot of updates, and a lot of fans come and go. Despite this, its soundtrack remains a beloved constant. Ranging from electro-pop to ambient piano, the Minecraft’s soundtrack was unlike any other video-game soundtrack before it. It took the player into a dreamy state of reflection, pushing out more emotion than you’d ever expect from a sandbox game.

C418 re-released Minecraft Volume Alpha on CD and vinyl with Ghostly in 2015 to great success. Now, he’s releasing Minecraft Volume Beta, clocking in at nearly 140 minutes. The vinyl tracklist is 17 songs long and features music from the classic game, as well as some of the songs that didn’t make it in. The vinyl packaging is red, black, and holographic, and appears to picture the iconic grass block from the game. You can pre-order the record right here for 34 big ones. Money well spent I’d say.

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