Australia is launching Shebah, an all female ride sharing app which proves Bojack Horseman can predict the future

As of next month Shebah, an all female Ride-Sharing app run by women, for women, will be launched in Australia.

The launch comes after an overwhelming demand from female Uber drivers who have confessed to feeling “too scared” to drive at peak times due to “terrible experiences with male passengers.” 


If the idea of Shebah sounds oddly familiar to you, you’re not alone. To all you Bojack Horseman fans out there, yes, they made a legit Cabracadabra.

Uber and Taxi related attacks are all too common in Australia, with many of them not being reported. Last year nine male drivers were charged with assaulting their female passengers.

Shebah was founded by comedian and mother of four George McEncroe, who is planning to release the app in Queensland, New South Whales and Victoria by February. McEncroe aims to launch the app in more regional areas of Australia as well.

It’s got to go through Apple testing, which is where it’s at now” McEncroe explains. The next step is real road testing with the 1470 drivers who are already waiting to train with the Shebah team.

The newcomer will resemble Uber in many ways, with photos and licence plates always on display.

With these precautions, we’re pretty sure Shebah wont run into the same problems Cabracadabra did in Bojack Horseman.

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