Australian government releases carrot and potato bombs to starving wildlife

Australians are finding innovative ways to help wildlife affected by the ongoing bushfires. Since natural habitats have been destroyed, many Aussie animals are now starving.  As a solution, The New South Wales Government, Wildlife Service, and National Parks are using planes to drop sweet potatoes and carrots to surviving animals.

The food-dropping idea has been dubbed ‘Operation Rock Wallaby’, with the amount of feed reaching 2,200 kilograms.

The New South Wales Environment Minister, Matt Kean, has shared the most wholesome pictures of the wildlife enjoying their fresh food.

Other sources such as Animals Australia have been sharing updates regularly. The public are feeling hopeful watching Aussie critters regain some strength following the recent tragedies.

The organisations in charge of Operation Rock Wallaby are also sending planes with veterinary supplies to further support the animals. One Australian (whom we only know as ‘Steve’), told Bored Panda that he remains “cautiously optimistic” on the recovery of Australian wildlife. He commented specifically on the koalas, “The koala situation is certainly dire, but I remain cautiously optimistic. The fires destroyed a lot of their habitat, but since their primary food source is one that germinates through fire I think we’ll see nature bounce back rather quickly. That’s my hope anyway. The aim is to keep the existing population fed and cared for in the meantime.”


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NSW Fires: Staff from the NSW National Parks and Wildlife conducted a food drop for brush-tailed rock wallaby colonies across the state yesterday says NSW Minister for Environment Matt Kean. Sweet potato and carrots were dropped as part of ‘Operation Rock Wallaby’. #operationrockwallaby #AustralianFires #NSWfires #7NEWS

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Many locals such as Steve and his family are helping others who are working non-stop to relieve the environment. Steve mentioned, “Some, my mother included, are going and cooking meals for them, others are rescuing wildlife.” Absolute legends.

Many animals will have full tummies tonight thanks to Operation Rock Wallaby.