Australia’s best Doors tribute act Unlocking The Doors rate each Doors album

This weekend, Wollongong-based Doors tribute act Unlocking The Doors will return to Sydney for two performances that cover the span of The Doors’ epic career.

The performances will feature tunes from all of the band’s iconic albums, so before then, we caught up with frontman Rich (Jim) for a run-down of each Doors record.

Before they perform in Sydney this weekend, we caught up with Wollongong-based Unlocking The Doors for a run-down of each Doors album.

1. Self Titled- 1966

A 4 track recording of an extremely well-rehearsed Doors! LSD drenched lyrics with a touch of the “Surf Music” vibe that was popular at the time, but touched up with jazz and blues licks. What a way to start and probably my 2nd favourite album.

Favourite song: Crystal Ship.

2. Strange Days- 1967

A polished reflection of the 1st album and probably my 4th favourite ‘start to end’ album. Jim’s poetry is honoured here with Horse Latitudes & the songs get pretty dreamy and romantic in My Eyes Have Seen You and You’re Lost Little Girl.

Favourite song: Love Me Two Times.

3. Waiting For The Sun- 1968

The ‘Crooner’ in Jim really kicks in here with his hypnotic baritone voice. My favourite for lyrics and poetry in Yes The River Knows and Summer’s Almost Gone. A tied favourite with The Soft Parade… I jump between the two. The whole 2nd side was supposed to be Jim’s theatre piece Celebration of the Lizard but was dropped and killed Jim’s enthusiasm.

Favourite song: Wintertime Love.

4. The Soft Parade- 1969

The Doors taking on the “Sgt Peppers” vibe. Musically my favourite album and tied with WFTS as a ‘start to end’ album which Jim had hardly anything to do with the lyrics and songwriting here, he was on a downward spiral. The album starts with the booming horns of Tell All The People, a song that demands you to listen followed by Touch Me which needs no explanation.

Favourite song: Wishful Sinful.

5. Morrison Hotel- 1970

Some say a return to form, this is my least favourite album. I find it not as palatable as previous releases which upsets a lot of Doors fans. The blues is present here and John Densmore applies some really cool jazz and blues-fused drumming. He’s got a talent for that, it’s impressive!

Favourite song: Blue Sunday.

6. LA Woman- 1971

THIS is The Doors playing like it’s their last, which sadly it was. Jim is the poet singing the blues. I can almost hear him crying in Hyacinth House, it’s moving… self-produced with so much meaning, it’s my 3rd favourite “start to end” album.

Favourite song: Hyacinth House.

Unlocking The Doors will be performing at Django Bar/Camelot Lounge in Marrickville on December 13th and 14th. Tickets are available for $28 through StickyTickets. Grab them here.