Join us at ‘Edward J Sly and the Void’, an exhibition by Spewtown

If you happen to be around the Milky Way on March 19th, 2020, join us for Edward J Sly and the Void, an exhibition by Spewtown. The night will mark the fourth event held in Happy Studios, our newly opened exhibition space.

Spewtown is a local comic about the weird and strange things that happen in Spewtown. Helmed by animator, cartoonist and comic artist Bunkwaa, to date they’ve released five issues as well as participated in a number of local festivals and public art installations.

Join us at 'Edward J Sly and the Void', an exhibition by Spewtown

Join Happy Mag and Spewtown at Edward J Sly and the Void, an exhibition spinning the tale of the universe’s most influential – and most infamous – band.

For eons, one band has continued to release hit after hit. Their popularity amongst sentient beings spreads across time and space to the distant outer reaches. They are Edward J Sly and The Void.

Their influence throughout the galaxy cannot be denied. Nowhere is that influence felt more than here on this little dirt ball we call Earth. The band’s first show on Earth was in 2019, during a Time Travelling Music Tour. Instantly falling in love with Earth’s enthusiastic fans who had never heard sounds like this before, the Void returned again in 1984, then again in 1969 for their secret Woodstock show. The Void’s last gig was an unplugged jazz set in 1921. The band is set to return in 1775 and are excited to announce they will be sharing the stage with newcomer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Edward, or Sly Eddie as he is known to his fans, fronts the band. If Elvis was king, then Edward is Lord. David Bowie affectionately nicknamed him Ziggy. He even wrote a song about him that you may recall. Rumour has it that Edward introduced Yoko Ono to John Lennon, and claims to be the half brother of Keith Richards. Earth’s musicians have inspired him in return, from Aretha Franklin to Freddie Mercury and Jimi Hendrix.

The Void are an eight armed drummer called Lora, a twelve fingered guitarist named Larry Zee and on bass, a demon named Sola with more soul than any angel you’ve ever known.

On March 19th 2020 from 6pm, come see the biggest collection of Void memorabilia ever, from gig posters to album cover art. Celebrate the band’s galactic highs and hellish lows! Relive their greatest music adventures. It’s pegged to be the biggest event this side of the stars.

Spewtown Presents: Edward J Sly and the Void

Opening Thursday March 19, 2020, 6-8pm
Level 1/325 King Street Newtown
Free – Details