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Avid Pro Tools Update 2022.9: a game-changer for your workflow

Avid has just updated Pro Tools and it’s a game-changer for workflow. With Pro Tools 2022.9 you get Melodyne integrated and Aux I/O: complex interfacing to use more than one playback engine.

Avid’s Pro Tools has been around since the late 80s and it’s an industry standard for recording studios, home studios, podcasting, and any audio-related task.

Dropping an update — Pro Tools 2022.9 — it sees some functions that have previously had professionals use complicated workarounds. We invited artist Lola Scott into the Happy studios to help us show off these new updates. Watch our video below.

One of the two main updates is that Melodyne is now integrated inside Pro Tools. As simple as a click on the clip will now bring up a Melodyne editor. No longer do you need to sit and transfer that audio into Melodyne or host it as a third-party plugin.

Users can now work with Melodyne across multiple playlists and also in small sections — to which both these things were either not an option or put in the too-hard basket.

Helping us out with the new update, Pro Tools 2022.9, Lola Scott sang 4 vocals of a verse and a chorus from her new song Feeling Feelings and we got to work on trying out these new features. Hard tuning the chorus vocal and even changing some notes that she sang, she came up with a brilliant arrangement.

Using ARA (Audio Random Access) technology, It’s as simple as right-clicking on a clip — no matter the length — and Melodyne is there in the drop-down menu. Once in the window, you have all the features of Melodyne essential 5. This will allow you all types of editing functions of monophonic sources.

pro tools update

The other main update is Aux I/O. Accessed via the I/O window, this new incredible feature allows you to select other input and output sources. The different versions of Pro Tools come with varying amounts of I/O. For example, while on a video call you can send your audio to them and also record their audio straight into your Pro Tools session, or you can even use your computer microphone alongside the inputs of your audio interface.

The new internal I/O is called Pro Tools Bridges, that act as virtual interfaces. In the example above you can use one bridge to act as an input and another bridge to act as an output, while your computer microphone will be listed in the I/O.

You can record all of these, including any other device connected to your computer. For example, if you have used up all the channels of your audio interface, you could use a USB microphone as an extra input. Neat as.

pro tools aux i/o

In addition to all of this Avid has also released a free version of Pro Tools. The Pro Tools update 2022.9 has Melodyne and Aux I/O in all three versions — Artist, Studio and Flex.

The versions all have various prices, so head over to avid.com to see which suits you.