LISTEN: Lola Scott – ‘4E Jobless’

Lola Scott has taken a fresh look into the barrels of young adulthood on her single 4E Jobless. Once again trading the anthemic pop of her youth for rich production and velvety collages, the Sydney-based artist continues her lineage of deeply relatable, infectious hits.

Lola Scott 4e jobless

Lola Scott is as versatile and visionary as an artist can be, and she proves this time and time again. Breaking the mould of her early work with nocturnal, alt-pop dreamscapes on the night i ran away & tried to sleep at the skateparkthe songstress has entered 2021 with a new look, a new sound, and a vault of unapologetic confessions ready to be unleashed.

Join Scott on her 1/4 Life Crisis below: