PREMIERE: Lola Scott paints a dreamy, alt-pop haven on ‘cyclone weather’

Our relationship with our surroundings has undergone a universal reset over the past year. Forced to collapse our entire world into the four walls of our home, our understanding of space, being, and belonging has emerged deeply nuanced. In her latest single, Lola Scott navigates just that, but on a much more personal level.

A glistening oasis of alt-pop, cyclone weather is an anthem for all those who long for an escape, a momentary respite from the chaos of living. The meaning is all there in Scott’s tidal production; dreamy, floating, ethereal, poignant. In nearly 4-minutes, the Sydney-based singer speaks to our delicate comprehension of life and its many faults, seeking a haven to rest amongst soft waves of synth.

lola scott

For when your mind is wrapped in confusion, for when the chaos of the everyday spins into fatigue; this is cyclone weather. In her latest singleLola Scott stitches a soft indie-pop oasis for audiences to rest in.

The second track off her digital double A-Side the night I ran away & tried to sleep at the skate park, cyclone weather is a blanketing nuance wrapt in gorgeous allegory. The title really says it all. Scott unleashes a weather of feeling known to us all and captures the precise moment when we begin to dream for another reality.

“I wrote this song about a few different situations in my past & present,” the singer explained in a press release. “It’s more about the sort of feeling you get when your life is up in the air and you need to make some life-changing decisions but your mind is like a whirlwind because you are always making strong impulsive decisions, then reflecting on them realising maybe that wasn’t the best decision, now you have to deal with the aftermath of the path of destruction caused for the cyclone of impulsive decisions.”

While you could easily argue that the lush, brooding hooks of her recent work is where Scott shines the brightest, a quick look at her complete discography begs to differ. From the neon energy of her 2019 single Warzone of the Suburbs to the A-Side’s other track crowded conscience, her musical versatility is jaw-dropping. Each track is penned with an emotional sensitivity and sonic appreciation that many artists take years to master. She’s the one you remember after the gig.

“When I was a kid I ran away from home & tried to sleep at the local skate park (pre-chorus lyric),” Scott explains in the song’s press release. “What I was feeling when I wrote this song was a similar chaotic energy; indecisively lost in my thoughts and desperately wanting to escape from my reality. All I wanted was to have a space to think when my thoughts felt claustrophobic.”

Listen to the track here. When you’re done there, check out Lola’s stunning performance of cyclone weather‘s sister single: