Introducing Emma Dilemma and her riotous debut single ‘We Should Give A Shit’

Meet New Zealand’s Emma Dilemma and her debut single We Should Give A Shit, a punky sledgehammer with more angst than a 15 year old.

Rock-punk force Emma Dilemma has stamped her brazen attitude onto every inch of debut single, We Should Give A Shit.

Prepare to light up a dart and sink some tins, because angst hasn’t sounded this believable since the Beastie Boys.

Emma Dilemma We Should Give a Shit

Embodying the thrashing guitars and unrelenting drum work of a Rage Against The Machine cut like Bulls on Parade, Dilemma demands your attention from the get-go. The opening line “Wake up at 2:30 feeling shady feeling shit” throws you in the deep end of youthful debauchery.

Is it a track to show your grandma? Probably not. Is it a track to get shit-faced to in a car park? Absolutely.

As the fuzzy guitars slam their power chords, Dilemma rapidly delivers her spoken melody with heavily distorted growls and unpredictable backing vocals. The irony of calling a punk track We Should Give A Shit is brilliant, though the artist is quick to state “I don’t care, man, either way”.

Perhaps the highlight of the track is the blisteringly vile guitar solo. With the tight, cowbell-infused rhythm section keeping things steady, in comes an effects-ridden guitar, glitching all over the track. It’s so untameable and anti-order that it’s destined to make for a raucous live show of unprecedented chaos.

Thankfully, we have a live version of the track as well. Check it out below.

Expect to see Emma Dilemma packing out dusty bars throughout New Zealand, then after COVID racks off, hopefully Australia.  The self-confessed “Patron saint of self-sabotage” (Insta bio) has the attitude and talent to make it across the pond and beyond.

In other words, you should give a shit.