Azealia Banks calls out Matty Healy over offensive Ice Spice comments

Azealia Banks slams Healy’s band, calls him a poser, mocks his relationship, suggests jealousy fueled offensive Ice Spice comments.

The 1975 frontman Matty Healy finds himself embroiled in a storm of controversy following his appearance on “The Adam Friedland Show,” and now, Azealia Banks has joined the chorus of critics.

In a fiery Instagram Story, the outspoken rapper didn’t hold back in her scathing remarks about Healy.

Banks, never one to shy away from speaking her mind, didn’t mince words when it came to her opinion of Healy and his band.

She dismissed The 1975’s music as unremarkable and labeled Healy as a “poser with a trash cliche band name that actually means nothing.”

She also took a dig at his relationship with Taylor Swift, suggesting that Healy’s jealousy of her success led to his offensive comments about rising rapper Ice Spice.

The rapper, who described herself as a “music connoisseur,” made it clear that The 1975 was not on anyone’s radar, except perhaps “fat emo teenagers.”

Banks highlighted the success of Ice Spice in comparison to Healy, emphasizing that female rap is in high demand and that he paled in comparison.

Healy, in response to the controversy, addressed the issue in an interview with The New Yorker. He downplayed the impact of the situation, claiming that nobody is losing sleep over his comments.

According to Healy, no one is sitting at their computer, upset about his actions.

While Healy may have attempted to downplay the situation, Azealia Banks continued to take shots at him, suggesting he needed to “wash his dick” and labeling him a “full incel.”

She didn’t hesitate to criticize his addiction issues and the weight of his fanbase either, although those comments themselves could be considered problematic.

As the controversy continues to unfold, it remains to be seen how Healy and The 1975 will address the criticism and whether Swift will be influenced by Banks’ remarks.

For now, it’s clear that tensions are running high, and the clash between these musical figures shows no signs of abating.