Daddy Del Rey: Lana Del Rey’s father releases emotional debut album “Lost at Sea”

Lana Del Rey’s father, Rob Grant, defies musical conventions with his piano-driven debut album, “Lost at Sea.”

Lana Del Rey’s father, Rob Grant, is set to release his debut album titled Lost at Sea on June 9. The album features Grant’s piano playing, despite his lack of formal musical training and ability to read sheet music.

However, his talent for creating beautiful melodies is evident when he sits down at the piano.

The album’s title track, “Lost at Sea,” produced by Luke Howard, was recently released and serves as the fifth preview of Grant’s upcoming album.

Previous previews include “Setting Sail on a Distant Horizon,” “The Poetry of Wind and Waves,” “The Mermaids Lullaby,” and “Deep Ocean Swells.”

Notably, the album also concludes with another collaboration between Grant and his daughter Lana Del Rey, titled “Hollywood Bowl.”

Describing the song, Grant stated that “Lost at Sea” is a deeply emotional and ethereal composition.

Lana Del Rey’s haunting and powerful vocals intertwine with the hypnotic piano arrangement, creating a mesmerizing experience. Grant sees the song as a message of hope for those who feel lost and disconnected in the modern world.

He believes that the music he has created can bring peace and calm to an anxious society.

With contributions from acclaimed artists such as Jack Antonoff, Luke Howard, Laura Sisk, and Zach Dawes, Lost at Sea promises to be a captivating musical journey.

Rob Grant’s collaboration with his daughter Lana Del Rey adds a personal touch to the album, further enhancing the emotional depth of the songs.

As fans eagerly await the release of Lost at Sea, Rob Grant’s musical talents and his unique collaboration with Lana Del Rey continue to capture the attention of listeners, offering a glimpse into the captivating world of their musical artistry.

Listen to ‘Lost At Sea” below: