Sink into this gem of a track by the sultry, cool, and collected Babitha

Babitha shares her new single “Night and Day’, a perfect piece of timeless alt-country pop that lingers like a good kiss.

Written during the throws of lockdown – a remote collaborative experiment between Imogen Grist (Babitha) and pedal steel player Jy-Perry Banks (Steelin Hearts) Babitha’s latest single ‘Night and Day’ is an engaging slice of alt-county pop heaven. 

Lifted from her highly anticipated forthcoming debut album Brighter Side Of Blue, ‘Night and Day’ stays with you long after the first listen, if you ever needed a testament to great songwriting, this is it.

Babitha shares: “As my first co-writing experience, it was a great way to connect while being isolated from everyone, and I really enjoyed this new approach of forming lyrics and structures around someone else’s ideas over email rather than in a studio. I’m definitely keen to work on more collaborations in the future. For the music video, I wanted to create a soft, glowy performance clip that leant deeply into the 80s glam/future-retro aesthetic – a nod to David Lynch’s ‘Blue Velvet’.”

The video was filmed at home using a rudimentary setup of handy cams and torches, which oozes the retro vaseline glamour of the 80s. Check it out below, and fall in love with ‘Night and Day’.

‘Brighter Side of Blue’ is set for release on Friday 20 January 2023 via Spunk! Records.


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