Who is Anuc Atittawan? The Christmas carol sensation taking over Tik Tok

The last few days have seen Tik Tok overrun by one man and his incredible Christmas carol covers: Anuc Atittawan

You may not recognise Anuc Atittawan yet, but let me assure you that the man is on the cusp of becoming a sensation. Videos featuring Anuc and his incredible covers of popular Christmas carols have already garnered Tik Tok views in the millions thanks to the unmatched (and, perhaps, unintentionally hilarious) aura the man exudes in his videos.

Let me get one thing out of the way first and foremost: these videos aren’t necessarily going viral for the reasons Atittawan intends. With this in mind, I ask that everyone who discovers this man’s incredible content through my article be kind and supportive both to him and the women who crush on him.

Anuc Atittawan Chestnuts Roasting on an open fire
Anuc Atittawan via his Facebook page

These videos bring a tonne of joy to people around the world and I would hate for anyone behind them to be on the receiving end of any sort of negativity as a result of their virality. We can enjoy them in our own ways without being disparaging or mean, okay? Good.

Anuc is a Thai-born, Italy-based amateur model and singer who’s been making music and posting influencer-type content to his social media with moderate success for years. Here, for instance, is a rather saucy track he released on Soundcloud 9 years ago.

The singer gained significant traction in recent weeks with his covers of American love songs and Christmas carols on the popular karaoke app Smule.

The spark for his recent wildfire success, however, was a 15 second Tik Tok from user @heraloani in which Anuc sings the opening lines “Chestnuts roasting on an open fire / Jack Frost nipping at your nose” from Nat King Cole’s classic ‘The Christmas Song’

@heraloani♬ original sound – heraloani

As you can see there’s something truly captivating about Anuc’s whole deal; those piercing eyes, that radiant skin, his incredible baritone voice, the tender vibrato in his voice, his innovative approach to pronouncing English words… They all combine to form unmatched content.

While many may gawk at the heavily filtered imagery of Anuc, it’s clearly something that makes many women the world over (and perhaps many men and non-binary folks as well) swoon. Anuc’s personal Facebook page – currently unnoticed by most Westerners and as such a more accurate look into how he’s perceived by “true fans” – sees dozens of adoring fans peppering his comment sections with love hearts, gifs, and messages of adoration.

@heraloani who first brought Anuc to his new, wider audience appears to be one such swooner, sharing dozens of Smule duets with him and looking smitten in every single one. In a personal favourite of mine (below) she even appears to moan during pre-song chit-chat with him. Incredible content.


Let it snow 💛♥️ #Smule

♬ original sound – heraloani

In true Tik Tok fashion Anuk has already been gloriously remixed and memed, here are some of my favourites:

@schmucklez my biggest inspiration #chestnutsroastingonanopenfire #chestnutsroastingguy #smule #TheRealPussinBoots #singing #christmasmusic ♬ original sound – schmuck

@schmucklez #CapCut #chestnutsroastingonanopenfire #chestnutsroastingguy #smule #singing #putyourheadonmyshoulder ♬ original sound – schmuck

@desmost #chestnutsroastingonanopenfire #chestnutsroastingguy ♬ Blue Blood – Heinz Kiessling & Various Artists

Thankfully, Anuc seems to be taking his recent internet fame quite well. Releasing a statement on his Facebook two days ago that reads “Today I have a very happy story about singing at Smule. Everyone who sings here knows that the chance of getting a Trending Record isn’t easy, but today, three of my songs were on the Trending Record just one day, so I don’t know what happened. But for sure I’m very happy.”

Here’s hoping Anuc’s happiness and success continues so that he may to bless us with his incredible covers long into the future.