Beau Bowen warps glam-rock into something completely new on ‘The Great Anticlimax’

Beau Bowen crafts the kind of music that immediately pulls you in. The London-based Aussie stormed the global music scene with he debut single A Rock ‘n’ Roll Story earlier this year, immediately establishing his penchant for crafting punchy and deeply addictive rock tunes; the kind that balance raw energy and musical craftsmanship.

Now, with the release of his debut full-length record The Great Anticlimax, he continues to build himself as an emerging artist to watch. Seriously, if you’re not already following this guy, now’s a perfect time to change that.

On his debut album The Great Anticlimax, London-based singer-songwriter Beau Bowen demolishes all concepts of genre to deliver something completely his own.

All throughout the new album, Beau Bowen stomps through an energetic concoction of rock, pop, and glam, delivering something that is simultaneously nostalgic of rock music’s past, while signalling a bright new future. With blistering instrumental arrangements and soaring vocal hooks, The Great Anticlimax is bursting at the seams with uncontrollable sonic energy.

The album’s opening title track quickly establishes the far-reaching scope of the record. The slow-burning epic begins as a soft acoustic ballad before exploding into an all-out spectacle of vintage glam-rock madness. Crunching guitars and airy piano flourishes meld into a true force of nature.

From here, Bowen navigates myriad sonic spaces — he never sits in one place for too long. Time Is An Illusion Baby is a space-age ballad, flipping between sugary pop melodies and chaotic, otherwordly riffs.

Cosmic Renaissance parts 1 & 2 act as two interludes, giving the album’s other mammoth tracks some room to breathe. Sitting between them is Messianic Indulgence, a hybrid baroque-pop/psych beast. This thing is truly insane, mind-melting stuff.

Bowen closes the album out with the filthy, fuzzed-out tones of Bisolar Disorder; perfectly wrapping up an epic exploration of sound.

These are still early days for Beau Bowen, but judging by the quality of what we’ve heard so far, I think we can safely expect plenty more great tunes. In the meantime, do yourself a favour and listen to the new album above.

Grab yourself a physical copy of the album here.