Rick & Morty Season 4B release date announced, watch trailer

Adult Swim have announced the premiere date for the next adventures of Rick & Morty. The second half of season 4 will be released on May 3.

The first helping of the season aired between November and December last year, and will now be concluded with The Other Five almost 6 months later.…trailer-revealed/

The second instalment of Rick & Morty season 4 has been announced. Adult Swim unveiled a trailer for The Other Five, which will be released on May 3.

Of course, fans would be justified in expressing scepticism at this announcement, given the time of year it is. On April Fools Day 2017, Adult Swim released the first episode of season 3 out of nowhere. However, audiences then had to wait nearly four months for the remainder of it.

Nevertheless, the announcement has been accompanied by a trailer, from which we have gleaned that season 4’s conclusion will be adequately – and characteristically – chaotic. It features Summer in a lightsaber duel with traitorous best friend and secret agent Tammy Guetermann. Meanwhile, Rick and Morty suit up in “unnecessarily badass” futuristic battle armour, with a spliced-in series of high-octane shootouts. There’s also an obligatory ‘no-one respects Jerry’ gag thrown in, for consistency.

Adult Swim haven’t released any specific details about individual episodes just yet. However, iMDB has written up a few synopses. One of which describes the simple knitting of a scarf eventually leading to the complete destruction of the multiverse.

We’ll have to wait for May 3 to see whether these revelations come to fruition. In the meantime, you can check out the full trailer below.