Bee Gees’ former rehearsal space is going up for auction

A four-bedroom home in Bronte that was once the rehearsal space of the Bee Gees is set to be auctioned online this May.

The house on Macpherson Street has of course been subject to architectural developments and design alterations since The Bee Gees danced it’s corridors and rehearsed their early falsetto numbers and first single, The Battle of the Blue and Grey, in the early 1960s.

A house in Bronte once used by disco legends the Bee Gees as a rehearsal space will be available to purchase in May.

The Mancunian trio are known for their big hair, matching flares and disco megahits that dominated the 70’s music scene, have strong ties to Australia. The Gibb brothers – Barry, Robin and Maurice – first found fame here before they became known as international sensations. Fingers crossed the new biopic following the funk-pop icons rise to fame will be out sooner rather than later. 

Sneak a peek at some images of the house here.

The current owner of the four-bed beachside residence, Shellie Conway, describes the property as an “oasis…you walk in and it does transport you somewhere else.”

Once the recording studio to disco legends, famous for those funky numbers like Night Fever and Tragedy that you can’t help but dance and jive to, it’s no wonder the property is like a magical time portal straight back to the 60s.

Conway tells “If you’re going to be isolated, this is the type of house you want to be in.” – and we can think of no better place to isolate and focus on Stayin’ Alive during the coronavirus pandemic.

One minor detail stopping you practising your music in the same spot as the disco giants … accompanying the property’s rich musical-history is a hefty $3.3m price tag.

So, if you fancy following in the footsteps of the Bee Gees by rehearsing in the same spot as the brother themselves – and happen to have $3.3m to spare – be sure to check out the online auction on May 2nd.