Beggar unveils his explosive new single Friendly Fire

Beggar is one of those rare up-and-coming artists that’s already so sure of his voice—a clear confidence that burns through on his latest single Friendly Fire. With a rapid-fire lyrical style against smooth, mature production, he’s taken a sure-footed step onto the Australian hip-hop stage.

Friendly Fire follows on from his debut EP Tripletwhich pricked up ears with its dynamism and punchy, textured soundscape. Already a polished piece, this album fired out of the starting blocks with a blast of energy and raw, sometimes comedic, punchlines.

beggar friendly fire

Friendly Fire is the brilliant new single from Aussie rapper Beggar; a provocative and witty release that blends sharp lyrical delivery over a darkly polished production.

And we didn’t have to wait long for the consecutive release. Before we could even make it to the end of July, Beggar is back on the streaming services with this single. If it’s possible, it feels like he’s is even more certain of his sound and direction.

He’s not asking for an audience; he’s making music like he’s got one.

The lyricism on Friendly Fire is evocative, his words jab out with brilliance and wit that demands a reaction from his listeners. His sharp lyrical delivery and brutal imagery draws you in and locks you onto his flow. The production to the track is ace too, helped by collaborator Bojo Jones. A real inner west influence seeps in with industrial, mechanical sounds that echoes of warehouses and grinding machinery, skilfully balanced into heavily textural layers.

His vocals tones are dark and distinct, sticking true to his accent he’s carved out an authentic and individual sound that’s sure to make its mark on Aussie hip hop. The last 30 seconds are a satirical vocal chop over heavy 80s style synths and smooth beats, leaving us wondering where he’s going next.

With such a surprisingly quick turn around between releases, we’ll be expecting another rapid-fire tune soon. Meanwhile, give Friendly Fires a listen above and keep an eye on what he’s up to here.

Friendly Fire was produced, mixed, and mastered by Sydney’s Bo Jo Jones.