BEHANI has dropped her debut single ‘Let Me Know’

BEHANI is coming in hot and ready to conquer the world in all its hurricanes with her debut single, Let me Know.

BEHANI, the multi-talented Aussie singer-songwriter, entertainer and record producer has served up her debut single, Let Me Know. With pure veracity, BEHANI fires up her signature style that’s wrapped up in upbeat R&B and sensuous pop with Afro-centric vibes and melts it all together in a crunchy, digestible expansive appeal.

Polished in an affectionate punch, the crispy vocal flow of BEHANI hits a nerve and her sound just makes you feel woozy. The eloquent sounds of her voice, laced with a palette of candy pop, intertwine with a restless and elastic synchronization. Her lush bubbly confessions pour out in the bridge, stinging with boundless energy and blistering with a sweetness overload. To end the track, the sound becomes expansive and feeds the seductive vibes with her sensual ad-libs.

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Released to commercial radio just last week, the track is firing up in the UK market and has hit #33 on the Shazam Top 200. Raised in Melbourne and born into a family with Persian and Italian backgrounds, BEHANI is set out to have an international impact.

It’s a core part of her to be open to venturing through different sounds and creating an intricate, refined distinctive style that charms all those that listen to her music. With powerhouse vocals that are the foundation of Let Me Know, BEHANI carries a glistening flow of boogie and groovy vibes, giving off a potent, tranquilizing and unmatchable vocal style. 

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Legendary powerhouse producer, Scott Storch got involved in the production of Let Me Know, with his strong song-crafting skills, at the iconic Circle House Studio in Miami. The single was released on BEHANI’s independent label, Stormness Records.

Let Me Know is our introduction to what BEHANI has in store for us, as she’s currently collaborating with award-winning producers worldwide, including in Africa, the United States and Europe, with names as prominent as Ne-Yo, French Montana, DJ Khaled, and more. Her relentless and determined attitude through the process of Let Me Know has given her the tools to achieve a killer career. Stream the new single via Spotify below, and get a glimpse of all that’s coming for BEHANI in 2023.