Lasers, custom tobacco pouches, and a pinball machine: go behind the scenes with Liquid Time

Liquid Time are heating up. Fresh off the release of their devilish second single Whinge and Whine, they’re already searing a place for themselves into Sydney’s red hot psych scene.

If we’ve learned one thing about psych bands, it’s that they’re always hiding an absolute hoard of gear in their trunk. We recently reached out to Liquid Time to see if they were any exception, but spoiler: they ain’t.

liquid time gear happy mag

What pieces of gear keep Liquid Time running hot? Find out all the secrets to Sydney’s newest psych troublemakers within…

Lewis : The Workshop

I have acquired lots of gear over the past couple of years, most of which guitar pedals I don’t actually know how to use they just make me look the part. You look good… you play good, simple as that.

However, my favourite piece of gear is dear to my heart, it’s the place where we write and practice our music. We call it The Workshop, it’s out the back of our mate’s house.

His family are gracious enough to let us make noise there at least once a week and the neighbours don’t seem to mind, it’s super ideal. It’s got a pinball machine, a fridge, huge floor speakers with a subwoofer, lasers, a smoke machine and just heaps of odd ornaments lying around.

So lucky to be able to use the space and it’s a lush spot for cheeky bev after practice.

liquid time the workshop

Jarrah : Handmade Liquid Time Tobacco Pouch (One of a Kind)

It was probably about 15 years ago, I was living on the streets of Slovenia, lost, alone and hungry when a pack of old ladies took me in under their wings. Growing up in a nursing home was a high-risk life-style of bingo and jelly, not fit for any young kid.

But under their care and guidance, they taught me the artistry of the needle and thread. Age old secrets that had been passed down their family lines for many generations.

When I was around 18 years old I decided to emigrate to Australia on a Bulgarian fishing vessel with these new-found skills. These days I make my dough through my precise textile skills and made this sweet piece of official LIQUID TIME™ merchandise. Hit me up if you want one too, it can be yours for the sweet price of $9.99, conditions apply. You can find me on Myspace and MSN.

Luke: Electro Harmonix Freeze Pedal

I have gathered many a pedal over my time, however none quite like my dear Electro Harmonix Freeze pedal, which goes by the name of Frozone. Have you ever been so hot, sweaty, and moist yet so baltic and frostbite infused at the same time? It’s a sensation which can only be accomplished by the overwhelming wave of sound which comes from Frozone.

Some have described the sensation as if time itself was frozen, slowly melting back in sync with the decay of the effect. Frozone is a great compliment to our band’s psyche style of music, adding a unique layer of sound to our otherwise liquid state. It may only get used for roughly 30 seconds of our 1-hour set, however it is the most blissful 30 seconds of your life.

Electro Harmonix Freeze Pedal liquid time

Josh: Drum Stool

Look I’m not the only bloke on the block with a green stool but she really has gone the miles I’ll tell ya. Classic ’70s throw to seat cover conversion, three pinned stabilising cock rammer. Really the inspiration came from X to the Z… XZIBIT on the critically acclaimed show Pimp My Ride and Fiona Bruce from Antiques Roadshow.

The aroma is pure ass sweat from the last 50 Papa Pilko and the Bin Rats shows, you have Reschs Draught to thank for the the delicate yet stable growth of yeast (nutritional yeast). Like any youth from the beaches I’m obsessed with gathering high end designer clothes from Vinnies and flogging them off to vintage shops on King St , my stool is no exception. Sleek, chromed, ergonomic ass kisser coming to a C’s Flash Back in 2019.

Cooper: Handmade Pedal Board / Extensive Pedal Collection

My favourite gear would have to be my pedal board set up, currently ranking third best for obvious reasons. Nonetheless, the MXR Bass Chorus Deluxe and tuner has been an efficient and trusty companion for those tasty, all-star bass lines that are sure to make us famous!

Once we’re doing stadium shows, only then will I probably have the effort and money to upgrade the ol’ piece of wood.

Liquid Time are celebrating the release of Whinge and Whine with two gigs this June. Grab the dates below, and head to the band’s Facebook page for more details.

Fri 1 June – The Record Crate, Sydney – with The Vitriots / Drued / Sasafraz
Fri 22 June – Sunk Bar, Narrabeen – with Otis Thomas / Lincoln’s Gold