Ben Stiller’s teenage band Capital Punishment are reissuing their 1982 debut album

Back in 1979, Ben Stiller and four of his high school mates formed a post-punk band named Capital Punishment, and in 1982 that band dropped their debut album Roadkill.

Now over 35 years later, that record is set to be reissued by record label Captured Tracks.

Yes, Ben Stiller was in a post-punk band back in high school called Capital Punishment… and yes, you can now preorder a reissue of their debut 1982 album.

Plans of the reissue were initially announced back in 2015, but now it will finally be going ahead, with a preorder available on the Captured Tracks website.

The release is set to feature two bonus tracks, recorded in 1979 and 1983, respectively.

Capital Punishment’s members also include Kriss Roebling, Peter Zusi, and Peter Swann (who is now a Supreme Court Justice for the state of Arizona).

To whet your appetite, Captured Tracks have digitally released the album’s lead single Muzak Anonymous, which you can listen to now above.

Roadkill is an incredible example of the kind of home-spun, DIY post-punk that music collectors drool over at record fairs each weekend,” the label says of the album.

Preorder the Roadkill reissue here.

Via Pitchfork.