Happy Mag’s Staff Picks: Black Stump Band, Balu Brigada, and more

Welcome back to Happy Mag’s Staff Picks, where every week we highlight our favourite new music releases. 

Another week comes to pass and the weekend awaits, we’ve made it friends! Before we clock off and crack a cold one, we have got another week’s worth of amazing new music releases to share with you.

From the highly anticipated releases from The Black Stumps, Walker., and Balu Brigada to the captivating ‘Date Night’ by Kita Alexander we have got some real treats for you today; so without further ado, let’s get into that sweet sweet music.

the black stumps

Black Stump Band, The Whitlams  No Aphrodisiac

The Whitlams Black Stump Band revamps Tim Freedman’s iconic hit, “No Aphrodisiac,” transforming it into a mesmerizing three-minute slice of banjo bliss with a seductive touch of Americana, breathing new life into the ARIA Song of the Year 1998 and JJJ Hottest 100 No. 1 classic.

Rick Hyde, Black Soprano Family, Elcamino  East Side

Following the announcement of LUPARA and the project’s focus track “Streets Ain’t The Same,” featuring Benny The Butcher and ELCamino, Rick returns with another powerful single, “East Side,” featuring ELCamino once again.

Kita Alexander  Date Night (featuring Morgan Evans)

Rising artist Kita Alexander shares her heart-warming ballad ‘Date Night’ featuring country music superstar Morgan Evans, marking her venture into the world of country music while crafting her highly anticipated debut album.

Balu Brigada  Find A Way

Balu Brigada is the groove-pop duo you’ve been waiting for, comprising of the talented multi-instrumentalist writer/producer brothers, Henry and Pierre Beasley. Their alt-pop sound dares to venture left of center, prioritizing prominent bass-hooks and punchy drums that carry a delightful blend of natural quirk and relatability, making their tracks an absolute delight to indulge in.

Somber Hills  Pain Station

Aotearoa-born, Eora-based artist Somber Hills is set to unveil his bold new project “Pain Station,” an exhilarating blend of punk indie pop. With his music crafted to forge connections, it invites people to come together, be it in a mosh pit, passionately moshing, or at a house party, where they can dance and revel under a captivating haze of smoke.

The Sunday Estate  Whats the Rush

‘What’s The Rush’ is a vibrant indie -rock ode to cherishing the present, appreciating loved ones, and finding meaning in challenging moments, born from a difficult period and serving as a heartfelt reminder to savour life’s fleeting moments.

Lisa Caruso  What if my body could love like you

Lisa fearlessly explores vibrant synth soundscapes, delivering an electrifying dose electronic pop goodness.

Sailor Goon— Sola

Sailor Goon’s SOLA delves deep into a personal journey through love, weaving traditional Polynesian elements into its soothing instrumental arrangement, creating a calming presence that resonates profoundly.

Bee Blackwell — Haunting

We can not get this track out of our heads, sublime indie pop and with a sweet dose of 90s indie rock nostalgia at its best.

Busted Year 3000 2.0

The irrepressible pop-punk energy of Busted, featuring The Jonas Brothers is just the drop you need for a Friday. Soak it up.

Earthsoundluver — El Condor Pasa

Check out Earthsoundluver’s incredible rendition of Simon and Garfunkel’s now public domain classic “El Condor Pasa” – a stunning masterpiece crafted by a talented 31-year-old multi-instrumentalist producer, truly dedicated to his art.

WALKER.  — Tommy

Sean Walker, under the name WALKER, debuts emotionally charged dance music with ‘Tommy,’ a poignant tribute to his twin sibling’s near-death motorcycle accident.


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