Bias tremolo and Fender tones at your feet: Origin Effects RevivalTREM

The unique characteristics of Fender’s vintage bias tremolo sounds are highly regarded as some of the best classic amp effects to date. Out of the realm of vintage amps and onto the modern player’s pedalboard, Origin Effects have just released their new take on this classic tremolo effect with the RevivalTREM.

The new pedal from Origin Effects utilises the same classic valve amp circuitry that brought us the Revival Drive, yet gives you more flexibility than any other tremolo on the market. On top of recreating one of the most sought after bias tremolo effects from Fender amps, the RevivalTREM incorporates amp sounds from the ‘brown’ Fender Deluxe series.

Smooth, deep and rich: bias tremolo is considered to be the pinnacle of built-in amp trem. RevivalTREM brings this sought after effect to your pedalboard.

The RevivalTREM is a true power tube bias tremolo, in a pedal. This type of tremolo uses the LFO waveform (usually a sine wave) to vary the bias of the power tubes. This turns the signal up and down and lends a vibrato-like sound. In fact, Fender amps use the term ‘vibrato’ on their amps for this effect.

The tremolo effect pairs with an amp-in-a-box to satisfy your vintage Fender amp tones from clean ‘Tweed’ tones to ‘Blackface’ drive.

Origin Effects state that “While other tremolos impose themselves on top of your playing, bias tremolo has the capacity to respond to it. As power amp gain increases, loud notes and chords are able to rise above the effects of bias modulation. Digging in harder allows you to ‘play over’ the tremolo effect, before letting it fade back in as the note dies away or you soften your pick attack.”

A range of modern features, including switchable wave shapes, tap tempo, rhythmic subdivisions and effects switcher integration, bring modern convenience to the RevivalTREM’s authentic vintage tones.

Origin Effects have made a name for themselves as one of the top-tier high-end pedal manufacturers and don’t sell us short with this new release. Visit Origin Effects for all the details.