Bill Gates wants to get rid of malaria and TB, what a legend

Bill Gates is choosing to eradicate malaria and tuberculosis instead of wasting money on the space race.

While a few of the most famous billionaires are battling it out to see who has the biggest, ahem, rocket, Bill Gates has said he is not joining the race to get off this planet and instead is going to try to fix a few of the problems we have here.

According to Forbes, the fourth richest person alive, Bill Gates, wants to spend his money right here on earth.

Credit- CNBC

“The space race, a lot of that is a commercial market. Having great internet connections throughout Africa is a good thing. Using observation satellites to see what’s going on with agriculture and climate change. So that’s not philanthropically motivated altogether. I do hope that people who are rich will find ways to give their wealth back to society with high impact. Clearly, they’ve got skills. They can’t, or shouldn’t, want to consume it all themselves.”

“Until we can get rid of malaria and tuberculosis, and all these diseases that are so terrible in poor countries, that’s going to be my total focus,” Gates told Forbes magazine.

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