Head of NASA suggests UFOs could hint at extraterrestrial life

What used to be left to the conspiracy theorists and ‘tin foil’ folk seems to now be widely accepted by US officials – especially those that have left the atmosphere.

NASA Administrator Bill Nelson has commented on the potential existence of extraterrestrial technology and life in response to the viral recent UFO sightings by US Navy pilots. While Nelson said he doesn’t know exactly what the sightings are, he couldn’t deny the possibility that they may be otherworldly.

“I talked to those pilots and they know they saw something, and their radars locked on to it. And they don’t know what is. And we don’t know what it is.”

extraterrestrial life UFO
2019 US Navy filmed “SPHERICAL” shaped UFOs, US Department of Defence

Bill Nelson, NASA administrator, former astronaut, and US Senator, recently spoke with the University of Virginia in a live-streamed interview. Nelson was questioned about the importance of space exploration in regards to defence, budgeting, and technological advancement. The most fascinating part of this interview was after almost a full hour, Bill Nelson said, “I haven’t even talked about the search for extraterrestrial life.”

“We are looking for life!”

In 2020, the Pentagon officially released three videos of ‘unidentified aerial phenomena’, two of which were originally leaked by the New York Times in 2017. The Pentagon established the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force (UAPTF) in August 2020 and have since reported 144 UFO sightings by military personnel over the last 17 years that remain unexplained.

When questioned about what he thought these sightings were, Nelson pointed out that of course, they hope these unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) are not from an advisory here on earth with that kind of technology.

He then immediately went on with grand existential questions:

“Who is out there? Who are we? How did we get here? How did we become as we are? How did we develop? How did we civilise and are those same conditions out there in a universe that has billions of other suns in billions of other galaxies? It’s so large I can’t conceive it.”

“My personal opinion is that the universe is so big, and now there are even theories that there might be other universes. And if that’s the case, who am I to say that planet earth is the only location of a life form that is civilised and organised like ours, but I tell you what that makes me think. I better be a better steward of what we have. Because we’re messing it up. We’re messing it up just the way we’re treating each other.”

Nelson’s excitement is sure to inspire the public and the students he was speaking to in this interview as he highlighted the importance of thinking about the big picture. When questioned about funding from the US government, Nelson spoke to the role that space exploration has in assisting with scientific research with the hopes to make significant developments in the coming years.

When the students of the University of Virginia asked Nelson their personalised questions, it was clear that he wanted to fill them with the awe and wonder that has fuelled his career.

“I tell you what it makes it me think: I better be a better steward of what we have because we’re messing it up. I know what my mission is: to be a better steward of this planet and be a better citizen of planet Earth.”

“Are there other planet earths out there? I certainly think so because the universe is so big.”