Billie Eilish slammed by fans for dating Jesse Rutherford

Billie Eilish and Jesse Rutherford were spotted kissing this week, and fans aren’t happy about their romance for a few reasons.

Earlier this week, photos surfaced online of pop icon, Billie Eilish and The Neighborhood frontman, Jesse Rutherford kissing outside a restaurant in Los Angeles. The pair seemed quite loved up as further images showcased them smiling, holding hands and placing their arms around each other.

For a myriad of reasons, members of the Billie Eilish fandom, affectionately dubbed “avocados,” are not chuffed about her budding romance with the American rock band’s lead singer. For starters, many fans have taken issue with their 11-year age gap. At present, Eilish is 20 years old while Rutherford is 31.

billie eilish
Credit: Backgrid

Taking to Twitter to voice their concerns, one fan wrote: “What could a 31 yo man have in common with a 20 yo girl?? The age gap weirds me out.” Another person added, “Why can’t men date someone their own age?”

According to several sources, Billie Eilish and Jesse Rutherford have known each other for many years. Rutherford has been in the Bad Guy hitmaker’s life from as early as when she was 16, as confirmed by the fan-posted image below of the duo posing together at a costume party in 2017.

While it appears that the two are yet to make a public comment on their relationship status, fans and critics alike have had plenty to say on their behalf:When I said I wanted a Billie and Jesse collab…this is NOT what I had in mind,” Tweeted one user.

Another individual stated, “yes they are adults but 20 and 31 are not NEARLY in the same maturity range… like a 20 year old is college aged and a 31 year old is a fully grown ass adult.” Check out some more heated reactions to their romance below.