Joni Mitchell to play full gig for first time in twenty years

Singer-songwriter Joni Mitchell is set to return to the stage for her first official concert in over two decades alongside Brandi Carlile at Washington state’s Gorge Amphitheater. 

Mitchell’s upcoming performance at the Echos Through the Canyon show is her return back to the big stage, since 2000. Singer Brandi Carlile during an interview on The Daily Show on Wednesday, shared with host Trevor Noah, “Joni Mitchell is going to play. No one’s been able to buy a ticket to see Joni play in 20 years, I can’t believe it’s happening but it’s happening, and she’s going to crush it.”

Mitchell has been hosting private performances, which she calls “Joni Jams” at her home in California. In July, she made a surprise appearance alongside Carlile at the Newport Folk Festival in Rhode Island which was met with an overwhelmingly positive response from fans all over the world.

Joni Mitchell Blue
Credit: Twitter

During her interview on The Daily Show, Carlile spoke about the surprise set by Mitchell, saying  “We didn’t know she was going sing all the leads those songs. She just started singing. We had rehearsed the songs ourselves. And we didn’t know whether we should stop or what we should do, you know, so we just sang with her.”

Carlile had invited Mitchell to join her at the Newport Folk Festival and her upcoming concert at Echos Through the Canyon show series inspired by Mitchell’s private “Joni Jams” sessions, which she would often attend.

Private Joni Jams!! JELLY anyone?