Breaking Boundaries: Birdee 王煒’s EP ‘On My Own’ and upcoming tour

In a delightful chat with the talented and inspiring Birdee 王煒, we got an exclusive sneak peek into her new EP and forthcoming tour.

Birdee 王煒, known for her captivating music that explores culture and identity, uses her art as a powerful means of self-expression. Her second EP, aptly titled “On My Own,” is a collection of songs that emerged from her solo travels around the world last year.

Journeying across the UK, Europe, and LA in 2022, Birdee 王煒 not only discovered new places but also discovered her own creative boundaries. Pushing herself out of her comfort zone, she embarked on a fearless exploration of her musical capabilities.

The result? The remarkable EP “On My Own,” which comprises seven tracks, including her recent singles “Dreams,” “Keeping Love,” and “Self Sabotage,” as well as the summer hit “Poolside” from the previous year.

The title track and focus single, “On My Own,” is a fusion of beautiful pop sensibilities and cutting-edge electronic production. It transports listeners into a captivating sonic landscape, enveloping them in its enchanting melodies.

The song radiates self-confidence, both in its lyrics and its sonic arrangement. Interestingly, Birdee 王煒 reveals that she had to navigate a challenging heartbreak to reach this point of self-assuredness.

She describes it as her first-ever diss track, a cathartic expression of pent-up anger and frustration that ultimately brought her solace.

To celebrate the release of “On My Own,” Birdee 王煒 is embarking on a national headlining tour, taking her mesmerizing music to stages across the country. The tour kicks off at the Oxford Art Factory’s Gallery Bar on Thursday, 13th July, followed by performances at various venues, including Frost and Fire with Sneaky Sound System June 17th in her hometown of Forbes .


During our conversation with Birdee 王煒, we delved into her creative process and unearthed the surprising origin of her name. Inspired by a 90s film, Birdee 王煒’s moniker carries a unique charm that perfectly encapsulates her artistic essence. With her fearless approach to writing, producing collaborations, and willingness to experiment and push boundaries, Birdee 王煒 is a true pioneer, continuously inspiring and breaking new ground through her music.

As her tour draws near, we can’t help but feel the excitement building. Birdee 王煒’s journey of self-discovery and artistic exploration promises to take us on a remarkable adventure, and we eagerly anticipate experiencing the magic she brings to each stage she graces.

Check out “On My Own” here.


Thursday, 13th July – Oxford Art Factory – Gallery Bar

Friday, 14th July – TBH Fridays, Towradgi NSW

Thursday, 27th July – Cry Baby, Adelaide SA

Friday, 28th July – The Gasometer Hotel – Upstairs, Melbourne VIC

Saturday, 29th July – Junk Bar, Brisbane QLD