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‘Black Books’ Dylan Moran is back with new comedy ‘Stuck’

Dylan Moran, an Irish comedian, writer, actor, artist, and poet, best known for his iconic TV show Black Books, is back with the new episodic delight Stuck’ an observational humorous take on what happens when a long-term relationship becomes ‘Stuck’. 

Written by the comedian, Moran stars alongside Morgana Robinson in the series, which landed on BBC iPlayer on the 8th of September, with new episodes dropping on BBC Two at 10 pm on Thursday nights.

stuck dylan moran
Credit: BBC

The show focuses on a couple who are in the midst of reevaluating where their relationship is going as Dylan’s character Dan struggles with his personal and professional growth, and Morgana’s Carla is beginning to see that a major life shift could be for the better, and finds herself asking ‘Is this it?”

Dylan who wrote the new series, recently shared with the press that he wanted Dan and Carla to feel as authentic as possible. 

“I saw a couple in my head who were stuck in one way or another. Morgana came over and we did a sketch. It was just these two guys who were stuck, and the next week they’d be stuck in a car…there was definitely a circular conversation and that thing of being stuck.”

He said the choice to cast Morgana was pretty easy,  “Once I worked with Morgana, it was very clear that she was somebody who knew an awful lot of things and could do everything that you might be able to think of doing in a couple, go the whole hog, really go into it and do the full conversation. We could do that, and knock around together, and you would feel like you had met two people who are real.”

“I’m really thrilled that Morgana said yes,” Dylan continued. “A big part of the way this is is from that day of doing that sketch because I just knew ‘this is great, I can do this, I can write this conversation I want to write’, which is a proper vaudevillian conversation, a classic couple conversation, that’s the chuck on the tree of what this programme became.”

Morgana, who spoke about the process, said making Dan and Carla seem real was “very important” She added: “We wanted to make sure that it felt like we know each other, so I guess we had to get really intimate…we really just had to dive in.”

The BBC comedy, Stuck is currently airing via the BBC in the UK. An international release date for Stuck the US, Canada, and Australia has yet to be announced.