Blast away from your 2020 worries with ‘Rocket’ from Daily J

Hailing from Auckland, Daily J would happily fit into any of the world’s best burgeoning psych scenes – be it Perth, Austin, or the Japanese underground. Their new single Rocket is total escapist bliss.

Daily J are like that friend who’s always telling you to chill out, man. Except they’re a lot less annoying. Everything they put out to the world, from their tunes to their coastal press shots and sun-drenched music videos, seems tailor-made to take the edge off.

The Auckland 4-piece, comprised of three brothers and their “blonde dragon”, make soft psychedelic music that’ll take you to your happy place. The latest is a jam called Rocket, an anthem for leaving old worlds behind and finding newer, brighter places.

Daily J Rocket Auckland Band NZ

Speaking about the meaning behind the new single, Daily J shared:

“Rocket is an astronomical rescue mission. It’s about escaping the clasp of depression and coming to the self-realisation that you’re worth more than what you’ve been fed and told. It’s about searching and gaining an understanding of life’s purpose. And if you have to, search the whole universe for meaning and fulfilment.”

Psychedelic music has long been about escapism, a need to explore brighter, darker, or weirder dimensions through wild sonic (and sometimes chemical) experimentations. Right now a trip to space doesn’t sound half bad, and while you may be a few dollars short on a ticket to Mars with Elon Musk, songs like Rocket are always there to take you to places you’d rather be.

The tune comes alongside a gorgeous video, directed by Josiah Watson and starring Emily Keddell. It follows a woman as she experiences a series of freaky dreams, travelling to uncertain places and losing her grip on gravity – which looks kind of fun, to be honest.

If you need to float away for yourself, even just for a little while, then Daily J’s new tune Rocket is what we’d prescribe.


Rocket is out now. Stream or purchase your copy here.