Blink-182 wipe their Instagram and website as strange billboards appear

Blink-182 cleared their Instagram and website over the weekend, while strange new billboards with the band’s logo were spotted by fans.

Blink-182 stirred up quite a commotion over the weekend, thanks to their bizarre string of online activities which left fans convinced they’re about to release something big. For starters, the band abruptly deleted all of the content on their official Instagram page, and updated their bio to “Crappy Punk Rock since 1992.”

Stranger yet, they wiped their whole website clean, leaving only one “under construction” message on the home page, which reads, “Hard at work! Check back soon.”

Credit: Getty Images

Meanwhile, in Peru, a fan spotted new and mysterious black-and-white billboards, with nothing other than the band’s logo boldly printed on them. Posting photo to Twitter, the fan stated, If this ain’t saying something idk what else to tell you. #blink182.”

Adding further fuel to the speculation fire, the beloved American rock group began liking a myriad of tweets, dating back to 2013, comprising messages such as “Blink-182 is writing a new album! It should be released in the next 10 years or so!” and “Its going to be really strange in 10 years when blink182 is classic rock and we hear it in drug stores and elevators.”

A final piece of mysterious material emerged in the form of posters, which seemingly promote something called “182 industries,” and display the following message: “Your future is cumming…in the blink of an eye.” Additionally, they advertise a website – onehundredeightytwo.com. Interestingly, when this URL is searched up in a browser, it simply redirects to their aforementioned band page, which is currently “under construction.”

Capturing a photo of these posters, a fan shared it to the official Blink-182 Reddit page. They wrote, “ok am i reading into things too much or could this be a blink poster???”

So, what could all of this mean? Does Blink-182 have new music on the horizon? Given their last release was back in 2019, in the form of an album dubbed NINE, fans are clearly eager for new material from the group.

In light of these mysterious revelations, it appears the band are yet to make a formal statement on what they’ve got in store of us. That being said, we’re definitely keeping our eyes peeled for updates!