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Get your ears around the 10 best Bluetooth speakers of 2021

Bringing music to your ears, the Bluetooth speaker is a fundamental accessory for any music lover. Here are the best 10 to listen to in 2021.

Whether it’s for a pool party, background music for your next park picnic or those shower sing-a-longs, the Bluetooth speaker has gone gangbusters in recent years. Being manufactured with added features, improved sound quality and portability, these speakers are providing professional sounding audio compactly and within budget.

However, with so many options out there it can be overwhelming to know which speaker will work best for you, the features that you want at the right price, so here’s our list of the best Bluetooth speakers you should be getting your hands on.

Bluetooth speaker

Ultimate Ears Megaboom 3

It should be no surprise that we are beginning our list with a speaker from Ultimate Ears, every man and his dog owns at least one of the many variations of their iconic speakers and we can understand why. These guys are known for creating amazingly durable speakers with world-class audio. Born out the back of a Van Halen tour bus in California in 1995, UE was on a mission to “create the most kick-ass in-ear monitors the music industry had ever seen” and thus their brand was born.

Two decades later and they have continued their audio-engineering legacy to create some of the best consumer speakers with the UE Megaboom 3 being one of the most renowned Bluetooth speakers on the market. Packed with a super-powerful portable 360 degree immersive sound experience, impressive thundering bass and water, dust and drop proof, the Megaboom is the ultimate high-performance speaker with a moderate price-point, perfect for your first Bluetooth speaker experience.

Check it out at Ultimate Ears.

Sonos Roam

Founded in 2002, Sonos is an American developer and manufacturer of audio products that are easy to use with brilliant sound aimed at reinventing home audio so music lovers can play any song anywhere. In 2002, the idea of home audio was plagued with intricate wires weaving through bookshelves and furniture, Sonos was ready to ditch these technical dramas and create an accessible wireless system.

The Sonos Roam is the latest and most affordable addition to their range of high-quality speakers. This portable smart speaker has all the original features providing a seamless listening experience such as 10-hour playtime, waterproof, dustproof and compatibility with a slim timeless ergonomic design making it easy to handle. The newest feature, however, is its smart technology tuning itself to your surroundings, adapting its sound for a more balanced acoustic experience.

Check it out at Sonos.

JBL Flip 5

It wouldn’t be an adequate speaker list without featuring the likes of JBL, a company producing audio equipment for everyday consumers and professional studio electronics. Starting off by producing speaker drivers for radio consoles decades ago, then creating the Iconic System loudspeaker for cinemas, these guys know their stuff.

Since its release in 2019, the JBL Flip 5 has been consistently rated as one of the best and most affordable portable Bluetooth speakers on the market. With up to 12 hours of playtime, a light-weight waterproof design, funky colours such as bright red and camo consisting of a durable material with rugged rubber protection, it is not only aesthetically pleasing but tough for those moments you let loose inside or outdoors.

Check it out at JBL.

Anker Soundcore 2

Anker is some of the leading innovators of smart devices for entertainment, travel and the home, with their Soundcore range optimising high-end sonic quality within a compact, seamless design at a very affordable price.

The Soundcore 2 speaker is one of the best within the range, specifically tailored to those after crisp audio quality without completely uprooting their savings, coming in as the most affordable on this list. This tiny powerhouse delivers 12W of pure audio power with enhanced bass that thunders from neodymium drivers and ensures zero distortion at any volume.

Check it out at Anker.

Bose Soundlink Revolve

Bose has a well-earned reputation for creating high-quality headphones and speakers for decades. In 1975 they rampaged through the audio engineering and innovation scene by creating the world’s best-selling loudspeaker and haven’t slowed down since.

The Soundlink Revolve is one of the company’s best-performing portable speakers to date, delivering that true 360 degrees seamless sound ensuring consistent and uniform sonic coverage. Its 12-hour battery power allows for astonishingly loud audio from a compact size. It also features a multi-function button accessing voice input so you can still send a text or make a dinner reservation without your phone.

Check it out at Bose.

Marshall Stockwell II

Now for those of you old-school audio nerds, this one’s for you. The Marshall Stockwell II Bluetooth speaker is oozing with the groovy retro vibes originally associated with the Marshall guitar amplifiers. Marshall Amplifications are industry leaders in manufacturing amps that produce rich, high-volume sounds and now their Marshall Stockwell speaker is no different.

With its design pertaining to the charm of the original amps, this Bluetooth speaker weighs only 1.4kg, with 20 plus hours of portable playtime and packs a solid punch despite its pint-sized frame. Using true stereophonic technology allowing for multi-directional sonic engagement and sound customisation with analogue control knobs for bass, treble and volume manipulation, this durable speaker will last you a lifetime.

Check it out at Marshall.

Tribit StormBox

Now we have a slightly more obscure brand, but rest assured, their line of affordable Bluetooth speakers is up there with the best at their price point. Located in Melbourne, Tribit is a team of dedicated engineers and design maestros, not only pursuing audio-perfection but also achieving 100% carbon neutrality.

The StormBox micro is ultra-portable with a high-end pocket-able design that allows you to play your tunes anywhere at any time. Including 10 hours of playtime, mic and speakerphone functions as well as a 100ft range, this little number encompasses powerful sound and bass extensions within its tiny form.

Check it out at Tribit.

V-Moda Remix

This one is for all the bass junkies: a deluxe speaker with a sleek timeless design and amazing customisable functions. V-Moda is known for its award-winning high-fidelity audio devices and became an arm of Roland in 2019. This partnership has since allowed for greater product research and development, expanding the boundaries of audio innovation.

The V-Moda Remix is a glass-fibre dual driver that’s power clearly defines vivacious highs and demonic lows at all volume levels. Its passive bass reflector allows you to hear and feel the base without the bloated boom, whilst its portable hi-fi sound embodies that ‘live sound’ experience.

Check it out at V-Moda.

Ultimate Ears Hyperboom

Circling back around to our friends at Ultimate Ears, the Hyperboom is the perfect party companion for anyone wanting to ensure their next function is remembered for its quality audio experience. This rugged piece of equipment is by far the largest of the lot, however, its 14-inch height offers huge, balanced sounds with a booming audio output.

With a phenomenal dynamic range, 24 hours of playtime and the ability to allow four other devices to connect and play tunes without a pause, this big, portable speaker has an amazing sonic style.

Check it out at Ultimate Ears.

Sonos Move

Finally, rounding off our list is the Sonos Move, Sonos’ first portable speaker and considered the best for at-home play. This is the older sibling of Sonos’ most recent creation Roam and channels their original mission to equip home audio systems with multiroom wireless outputs that sync up and sound amazing at every level.

With 11 hours of battery life, splash resistance, acoustic adaptability and voice control, the Sonos Move will fill your home with vibrant quality sounds.

Check it out at Sonos.