Blur announces surprise comeback with new album “The Ballad of Darren”

Blur fans, brace yourselves for an unexpected blast from the past: the legendary British band has just announced their triumphant return with a brand-new album after an eight-year hiatus.

Hold on to your good selves, because Blur is back! In a jaw-dropping announcement, the iconic British band has revealed their first album in eight years, aptly titled “The Ballad of Darren.”

Scheduled for release on July 21st under Parlophone, this eagerly anticipated record will feature ten fresh tracks that are sure to captivate fans worldwide. And guess what? The first single, “The Narcissist,” is already out, accompanied by a mesmerizing visualizer that demands your attention.


“The Ballad of Darren” marks Blur’s ninth studio album, following the sensational success of their chart-topping masterpiece, “The Magic Whip,” back in 2015.

Produced by the talented James Ford and recorded at Studio 13 in London and Devon, this album promises a unique sonic journey that reflects the band’s evolution over the years. The album’s artwork, designed by renowned British photographer Martin Parr, adds a touch of visual brilliance to the musical experience.

Damon Albarn, the enigmatic frontman, describes “The Ballad of Darren” as an “aftershock record,” offering a profound reflection and commentary on our current state of affairs. Guitar virtuoso Graham Coxon adds that as they grow older and more eccentric, it becomes increasingly important for their music to be imbued with genuine emotion and intention. For Blur, it’s no longer just about a catchy riff; it’s about the raw essence that permeates their creations.

Bassist Alex James reflects on the longevity of the band, emphasizing the importance of surprises within a long-term relationship. Each member’s ability to continually astonish the others has been a driving force behind their enduring chemistry and artistic synergy. Meanwhile, drummer Dave Rowntree expresses gratitude for the natural flow that exists when they make music together, as each album uncovers new revelations and propels their collective growth.

In a twist that has fans buzzing with excitement, Blur is set to return to their roots with a series of intimate warm-up performances. It all begins tomorrow at the Colchester Arts Centre in their hometown of Colchester, Essex. This will be followed by shows at the Eastbourne Winter Gardens on May 21st, The Halls Wolverhampton on May 26th, and the O2 City Hall Newcastle on May 28th. These special gigs will serve as a prelude to a summer filled with highly anticipated live shows across Europe.

One particular highlight of this anticipated tour is the band’s historic debut performance at London’s Wembley Stadium on July 8th, which unsurprisingly sold out in a matter of minutes. Such overwhelming demand led to the addition of a second show on July 9th, giving even more fans the opportunity to witness Blur’s sonic magic in one of the world’s most iconic venues.

So, mark your calendars, Happy fam. Blur is making a triumphant return with “The Ballad of Darren,” a record that promises to be an electrifying mix of nostalgia and fresh sounds. With their unmistakable blend of talent, passion, and boundless creativity, Alex James, Damon Albarn, Graham Coxon, and Dave Rowntree are ready to remind the world why they are revered as one of the greatest bands of their generation. Don’t miss your chance to join the Blur revival.

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The complete tracklisting for The Ballad of Darren is:

  1. The Ballad
  2. St Charles Square
  3. Barbaric
  4. Russian Strings
  5. The Everglades (For Leonard)
  6. The Narcissist
  7. Goodbye Albert
  8. Far Away Island
  9. Avalon
  10. The Heights