Bob Marley’s hidden gem ‘Selassie Is The Chapel,’ has dropped after 40 years in the reggae archives

Our favourite lord of reggae Bob Marley has gifted us a sweet track ”Selassie Is The Chapel,’ just in time for Christmas

Bob Marley‘s previously unreleased track, ‘Selassie Is The Chapel,’ has just dropped, more than 40 years after the legend left the stage.

This hidden gem from 1968 is finally getting its time to shine, thanks to Marley’s OG label, JAD Records.

bob marley -Mortimer Planno


You can stream it everywhere, and if you’re feeling extra fancy, there’s a limited edition 7″ with only 2000 copies up for grabs.

Back in the ’60s, as Marley was riding the Rastafarian wave, he cooked up ‘Selassie Is The Chapel,’ a soulful tribute to Haile Selassie, the Ethiopian ruler.

The song’s roots go back to 1966 when Selassie made a historic visit to Jamaica.

Mortimer Planno, who met Selassie during the visit, penned the lyrics that would later become this chill masterpiece.


Marley, being the musical maestro he was, put his spin on it, and now, thanks to JAD Records, we’re all getting a front-row seat to the time capsule.

This track isn’t just a one-hit wonder; it’s part of a whole stash of Marley’s sessions exclusively done for JAD Records in the late ’60s and early ’70s.

‘Selassie Is The Chapel’ is like a musical Christmas card, delivering a message of hope and peace just in time for the holidays.

JAD Records, the brainchild of Johnny Nash, hadn’t dropped a beat for seven years until this release.

The label’s roots go back to 1967 when Nash stumbled upon Marley in Jamaica, and the two kicked off a musical bromance.

Marley kept the good vibes coming for years, recording exclusively for JAD.

Bob Marley might have left us too soon in 1981 at the age of 36, but his influence still echoes worldwide.

With over 75 million records sold, he’s a reggae legend. ‘Selassie Is The Chapel’ is more than just a tune; it’s a peek into the laid-back genius that made Bob Marley a global music icon.