Bored of Zoom? You can now hire a donkey to crash your meeting

Peace N Peas Farm in North Carolina think it’s high time donkeys, horses, chickens, and ducks are introduced to the worldwide web.

For 50 US buckaroos, an 8-year-old miniature donkey called Mambo will dial into your Zoom conference call for ten minutes.

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Finding Zoom conferences boring as shit? This North Carolina farm is renting out donkeys, horses, chickens, and ducks to crash your meetings.

Francie and Mark Dunlap, who own the farm, are also offering a variety of other animals including horses, chickens, and ducks.

Their resident prankster, Mambo, is known to squish his face up against the camera and bite the fake tails off the farm’s show horses. The owner describes him as “a pesky little brother — doesn’t let anyone relax too long.”

Along with Mambo, the farm is also giving Eddie, a 13-year-old white show-horse, a chance in the spotlight. “He may or may not wear a jacket, and definitely won’t be wearing pants,” the site reads.

Also in the stables is Heiren, a brown 6-year-old Hanoverian horse “that doesn’t leave things alone.”


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I bet all your Zoom meetings are feeling kind of stale. Surprise your guests and invite me to the next one! Choose horse, donkey, or chickens!

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The couple set up a website for bookings and noted that it wasn’t only Dwight Schrute and Jim Halpert making requests. Along with office jokesters, they also saw inquiries from primary school teachers, families, happy hour enthusiasts, and university lecturers.

“I think it would get some laughs,” Dunlap said. “The animal would make an appearance for the first five or 10 minutes … so they could actually get along with their meeting.”

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