Both sides of politics react to Trump’s commutation of Roger Stone

If you follow American politics closely, beyond Trump fucking up every five minutes, you may be familiar with the latest saga surrounding conservative politician Roger Stone.

He was granted a commutation of his prison sentence by his buddy Donald Trump, but Trump’s response has warranted attention from both the Democratic and Republic sides of American politics.

Trump has once again sparked a reaction from politicians on both sides following his commutation of Roger Stone’s prison sentence.

Stone revealed in a interview that he expected to be completely pardoned from criminal charges, stating that Trump “knows I was under enormous pressure to turn on him. It would have eased my situation considerably. But I didn’t.” 

Turns out he was out of luck when Trump decided to commute the prison sentence, meaning that Stone won’t serve time but is still considered a criminal felon. He was charged for lying to investigators, obstructing a congressional inquiry, and witness tampering – and as Trump’s former advisor are we really that shocked?

This time Trump has even managed to offend his own party members. Surely that has to be a new milestone?

Many are not impressed with the light response Trump decided upon Stone’s convictions, especially when Stone is said to have committed the crimes in order to protect Trump himself.

Once again, Trump seems to stump us with his counteractive political decisions and ability to underestimate political corruption. But then again, he likes to play dumb at any point in which his deceitful nature comes to light.