‘Zelda’ voice actor accidentally leaks plot details for ‘Breath of the Wild 2’

Italian voice actor Pietro Ubaldi has accidentally leaked a plot point for Breath of the Wild 2.

This article contains spoilers for Breath of the Wild 1 and 2. Be warned!

On Monday, Youtube channel Lega Hyrule shared an interview with Pietro Ubaldi, the voice actor of Daruk in Breath of the Wild 1. Ubaldi says he’ll not only be returning to play Daruk, but one of Durak’s ancestors too.

Normally this wouldn’t raise any eyebrows, except for the fact that Daruk didn’t survive the first game: he was killed by Fireblight Ganon when everything went down with the Divine Beasts. The poor fella is just a stone statue overlooking Goron City now. Rest in peace.

Daruk from Breath of the Wild 2
Daruk (RIP) from Breath of the Wild 2 / Nintendo

There’s no news on Daruk possibly coming back to life, and his return isn’t quite as exciting as Link having a flamethrower, but it’s still great news for fans of the stocky bloke.

So how will he come back? Given that he passed into the afterlife, and Zelda games are no stranger to time travel plots, just about anything could happen.

In fact the presence of an ancestor makes time based shenanigans a near certainty. We could be overthinking it, but doesn’t the music in the trailer sound like it’s playing backwards?

Dedicated fans have pored over what little footage we have of Breath of the Wild 2 (that’s still an unofficial title, the game doesn’t have a name yet) looking for plot clues for two years now, and one of the emerging theories is that we’ll see an ancient version of Link.

Take a look at Link in the E3 2021 trailer. He’s got longer hair and he’s in a toga! Is that the same Link? It’s either a time travel plot, or he couldn’t find a decent barber in Hyrule. Those are the only two options.

Toga Link falling through the sky in Breath of the Wild 2 teaser
Long haired Link sporting a toga / Nintendo

Despite the first trailer dropping in 2019, there hasn’t been a lot to go on since, so even smaller leaks like these are welcome news. If you want to stay up to date and dig into all the timey-wimey fan theories, look here.