Doechii is coming to Australia for Listen Out 2022

It’s been two years since the last Listen Out so the festival is back with a bang and we simply cannot think of a better way to crank it up than with US rapper, Doechii.

We already know the lineup for Listen Out 2022 is absolutely off the chain but for now, we’re going to focus on the trendsetting, truth-speaking and skilful music machine of a woman, Doechii.

Doechii isn’t just a rapper with impeccable flow. Her thematic lyrics have been likened to that of a movie director.

Doechii Listen Out
Credit: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

The 22-year-old Tampa artist has been releasing hit after hit since 2018, each one better than the last.

It’s no surprise that Doechii stands out as an artist as her music is so incredibly thoughtful.

Doechii addressed her audience on Instagram about her newest song: “Crazy is about un-contained power, creativity and confidence. People call you crazy when they fear you or they don’t understand you.”

“So when I use ‘Crazy’ in the song I’m reflecting that energy back on them to show them themselves.”

The rapper’s latest single Crazy was released alongside a music video that was subsequently banned from monetisation.

While the video did allude to quite a bit of nudity, apparently that’s not why it was banned.

Doechii tweeted, saying that the video can no longer make money because of violence. Clearly, the Youtube bots don’t understand metaphors.

As you can gather, Doechii is turning heads everywhere she goes.

After recently destroying at Coachella and releasing a clip of her live performance of Crazy, Doechii has Aussie fans bouncing with excitement in their chairs as we await her arrival.

Listen out will be held in Melbourne, Perth, Sydney and Brisbane plus a selection of acts will be heading down to Adelaide for Listen In.

Tickets are on sale now

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