Queen’s Brian May wants people to call him “Sir Bri” from now on

Brian May celebrates his knighthood with an Instagram video announcing his new preferred title of address: “Sir Bri.”

Brian May has officially been knighted by King Charles III. In celebration of the honorary event, the Queen guitarist and songwriter posted a video on Instagram, thanking his supporters and stating his philanthropic intentions post-knighthood.

“I’ve just come on here to say thank you so much for all of your messages of congratulations following the announcement of my knighthood,” declared May. “I’m very thrilled, and very touched by the love that’s come from you.”

Credit: Paul Charbit / Gamma-Rapho (Getty)

The legendary musician captioned the video with his abbreviated preference of address, which is “Sir Bri.” However, he did offer his fans an alternative, should they wish to be more proper: “OK …. If you want to be formal … Dr Sir Brian Harold May, CBE.”

As Brian May concluded in his video message, “I will do my very best to be worthy. But for now, good night, much love, from Sir Bri.” Watch the entire clip via Instagram below.


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May’s knighthood places him on a star-studded list alongside other knighted acts, including Sir Paul McCartney and Sir Elton John.

In other Brian May news, the Queen member recently copped some criticism for making polarising comparisons between his late bandmate, Freddie Mercury and English artist, Yungblud. Read more about that debacle here.