Conservative British politician tweeted his gross opinions about young girls

A Tory candidate tweeted about the smell of young girls and it is honestly super messed up.

A Conservative local candidate, Jonty Campbell, disgusted followers with a gronk tweet he posted, saying 16-year-old girls smell “buttery [and] creamy”.

Campbell, who has been a candidate for the Preston city council five times in recent elections and is listed on Preston Conservative Association sent out one hell of a tweet on Saturday night.

Get your puke bag ready.

“Here’s the thing with girls 22 or under, they smell massively different to a girl of 28. Girls aged 16 to, say 23, have this buttery, creamy, slightly sweet smell that is unbelievably magnetic.” Campbell tweeted.

Naturally, the tweet sparked a whole lot of anger online with one comment reading: “What did I just FREAKING read? Where do you begin to deconstruct this evil. It’s the mindset of misogyny/violence against women personified. What a sick disgusting perversion about young women. Jonty Campbell is who @Conservatives have as candidate? What a pervert! @CmdrJonty

Preston Conservatives have been contacted for a comment but have not yet responded and Campbell’s Twitter account has now been set to private.

More to come.