Britney Spears' new “Meltdown” has been blown way out of proportion

Britney Spears’ new “Meltdown” has been blown way out of proportion

A video of Britney Spears having a “meltdown” has surfaced online, sparking a frenzy among the tabloids.

When Britney Spears and her husband, Sam Asghari, were spotted at a JOEY eatery in Los Angeles recently, fans wasted no time bringing their phones out to snap pictures and videos.

Witnesses claim Britney became visibly and understandably upset by the invasion of her privacy, and began yelling and supposedly “speaking gibberish”. This reaction, which some onlookers deemed a “manic episode”, prompted Asghari to storm out of the restaurant, leaving Spears alone. A few minutes later, Spears and her bodyguard also left the restaurant.

Britney Spears
Credits: Jamie McCarthy / GI

The incident has caused a frenzy among tabloids, with outlets dramatically stating that she was “speaking in tongues” and that the behaviour has sparked renewed fears about her well-being.

Responding to the drama in a now-deleted Instagram caption, Spears joked “It’s funny somebody said I acted manic at a restaurant. Geez … all I can say is I was flattered the waiter brought me a sophisticated champagne glass for my red bull.

The video is available below via TMZ. I’ll let you watch it and make up your own mind, but to me, it’s far from a “manic breakdown” or “speaking in tongues”. It comes across more like a woman who’s understandably annoyed at having her privacy invaded, and throwing up some middle fingers and silly speak at someone rudely pointing a camera at her.

Now, I am familiar with the old saying “Don’t throw stones in glass houses”, and all of us in online media must dance with the devil at least a little bit by sensationalising our headlines so that we might get enough page views to feed our families, but I can’t help but feel that this one has been blown out of proportion.

I leave you with these wise words spoken long ago, that you might heed their message: LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE.