Browse over 20,000 free VHS recordings from the '90s and early 2000s

Browse over 20,000 free VHS recordings from the ’90s and early 2000s

VHS tapes from the late ’90s and early 2000s are flooding the internet in a tirade of footage that has been catalogued online. There’s thousands of hours of footage, all available to browse for free.

Over 20,000 videos have been uploaded by an archivist organisation called Vista Group, who have bombarded us with visions from VHS tapes via online library Internet Archive.

rugrats vhs tapes 90s 2000s

A hit of nostalgia: from home yoga videos to dog training, this VHS footage is a trip back in time.

Vista Group are known for releasing 50-70 videos per month to the online archives. Amongst the yoga poses, intense home workout videos, and a full recording of a 1997 Rugrats film, there are some hidden gems that capture incredible moments in time.

Just as an example, we get VHS quality footage of Marilyn Manson clarifying that he did not, in fact, remove his own ribs so to physically be able to give himself a blowjob. He did admit, however, to performing oral sex on Robin Finck during a live performance. How glad we are to have vintage recordings of such monumental events available at our viewing disposal – and all online and free to stream!

Move over Netflix and Stan, Vista Group are set to continue hitting us with a mirage of videos where you can find everything you need to know, from committing to a life of chastity to the best exercises to tone your glutes. We know what you’ll be doing this weekend.

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