This group of Buddhist monks just donated $100K to Lismore flood relief

A group of Sydney-based Buddhist monks made the trip up to the flood-effected NSW town of Lismore to donate $100,000 to flood victims.

Safe to say, the government have done very little to assist victims of the recent floods that hit Queensland and NSW, particularly Lismore.

But an incredible group of Buddhist monks from Sydney have stepped in, donating a huge $100,000 to help with flood relief in Lismore.

Lismore floods
Credit: Natalie Grono/The Guardian

The Mayor of Lismore, Steve Krieg, posted on Facebook to thank the monks, writing, “A wonderful group of Vietnamese Buddhist monks from Sydney came to visit last Wednesday, March 30 with a cheque for the flood appeal. They donated $100,000 dollars! Thank you so much for your generosity”.

“You never know who you are going to meet and what absolute blessings that you will get,” Krieg told the ABC. “We went up to the evacuation centre and they met with evacuees and gave them all a small cash donation as well.”

Another bunch of absolute heroes, a Sikh group from Melbourne, drove all the way to Lismore bearing enormous pots of curry to feed flood victims in rural NSW.

One of those legends, Jaswinder Singh from Sikh Volunteers Australia told the ABC, “We are a team of four now. But more volunteers will be flown in during the coming days when the airports are open.”

“Volunteering is part of Sikh culture. It gives us a higher purpose and meaning. It doesn’t matter if I don’t sleep for a few days, the feeling I get from helping others is pure peace and calmness,” he continued.

Meanwhile, Scotty barely bothered to visit flood victims at all, and when he did, he instated a full on media ban so nobody could take pictures of him forcing handshakes upon people who had just lost their homes.