Built To Spill announce new album of Daniel Johnston covers

Built to Spill have announced that they will release an album on May 1st, 2020. What makes this album so special? It’s a new album with a tracklist of covers from the late Daniel Johnston; a legend of indie-rock whose death was felt late last year among fans.

Built To Spill

Johnston’s 2017 tour included Built to Spill as the backing band, in a series of final shows before his passing in September.

Suitably, Built to Spill have titled the new album Built to Spill Plays the Songs of Daniel Johnston which is constructed around the band’s tour with Johnston. The album will include a lineup of songs that were recorded from the rehearsals for Johnston’s last shows, with the record to be pressed into ‘yellow splattered’ vinyl and accompanied by a 32-page songbook.

Check out the full tracklist below:

1. Bloody Rainbow
2. Tell Me Now
3. Honey I Sure Miss You
4. Good Morning You
5. Heart, Mind and Soul
6. Life In Vain
7. Mountain Top
8. Queenie The Dog
9. Impossible Love
10. Fake Records Of Rock & Roll
11. Fish

You can listen to Built to Spill’s cover of Bloody Rainbow here.