BVT is kicking open doors with latest tune 'Shawty'

BVT is kicking open doors with latest tune ‘Shawty’

Sydney Hip Hop artist/producer, BVT, paints a new genre saturated with neon riffs and a bursting spark with new single and visuals, Shawty. 

With the soulful grab of a nostalgic 90’s jam, BVT crackles the sound waves, striking lighting in their latest track, Shawty.

Bernie Van Tiel (BVT), saturates in smooth serotonin not only on the track, but the accompanying visuals – depicting a Queer love story through R&B lenses.

Photograph by Kate Cornish

Cracking open the glass ceiling, BVT delights and inspires listeners with each sensual beat.

Oozing in a calming ora, the track is a magnet to golden light, gliding with ease to BVT’s quick-whit rap verses and honey melodies.

The visuals are equally as colour-bursting, following two lovers (played by BVT and partner Emma Horn) moving through rose-coloured tones, navigating the modern lovers’ world of surveillance and technology.

The pair simply burst with passionate energy on screen, a connection so cosmic that the track’s release day landed on their three year anniversary.

Everything about BVT drips in sincerity and a riveting focus –  their ability to play with sound and visuals so effortlessly is hypnotic, making it impossible to look away. Being a queer person of colour, BVT is cracking open a galaxy of acceptance in the hip-hop genre.


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“The genre wouldn’t open up, so I made my space. It’s time to kick down the door and let people like me in. Those who don’t look, live or love like us have no right to box, label and shelve us. I’m here to make changes” BVT explains.

Making changes indeed, BVT’s fearlessness and gumption have guaranteed Shawty as a track to be played on repeat, with the glistening visuals Co-directed by Kate Cornish and Tilly Robba to linger in the mind long after it ends.

BVT’s ability to capture the nostalgic 90’s aesthetic with a modern lens should not be taken lightly, there is no doubt in my mind that this artist is going places.

Check out BVT’s Shawty below, and look to the sky to watch them reach new heights in the hip hop genre.