Carly Opacic explores the alluring mysticism of the moon on her new EP ‘Luna’

Forget the Mercury retrograde, Carly Opacic dedicates part one of her album Luna to Earth’s natural satellite.

I’m keeping an astrological diary this year. One of those pre-prompted calendar journals that tells you when your star sign is doing star jumps and when to expect a Zombie apocalypse. Like most, I take all of this new age woo-hoo with a grain of salt. However, there is something different (more science-y perhaps) when it comes to the moon itself. Mystical and omnipresent, the moon has become a poignant symbol for artist Carly Opacic.

Self-described as a “Californian native who is obsessed with Nirvana trying to live her dream as an indie artist in Nashville,” Carly Opacic is a fierce conglomerate of interest and perspective. Her latest release is part one of an album three years in the making. And with many creative moons under her belt, this collection of songs is a labour of love.

Carly Opacic

Tidal and glowing, Luna is a five-track EP that is full of water. Wavey and fluid, Opacic wields an ever-present sense of underwater movement. Treated vocals swirl in and around bouncy finger plucking, and it’s eerie and addictive like a Weyes Blood song. This opening track, Intro, invites electronica to dance alongside spoken-word affirmations, casting an immediate spell.

It’s with the title track Luna that Opacic takes a breath above water-level. Upbeat drums and strings allude to the opening of Fleetwood Mac’s infamous Dreams, which maintains the pace throughout. Around the melody, bright synths spark and dissolve like stars. This shimmering sensation is a true testament to the seamless production of Brandon Mingo.


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Aptly split in two, part one of the album lingers in the precursor of the break down of the relationship. Opacic explains:

“I was influenced by a poem about a break up that explained it with space and then another quote about how the sun sees your body, but the moon sees your soul. I resonated with this and have always been obsessed with the moon so it just clicked perfectly.”

Much like the grieving process of a breakup, Luna never lets you sit in one place for too long. Switching it up between whimsical harmonies and heavy-handed acoustic sections, Opacic is unpredictable yet aspectarian. Despite being only the first part of the album, Luna passes through all phases with pure alignment.

Enjoy the elliptical experience of Luna on Spotify below: