Cassie Kendal releases a memorable new video for 'Elevator Selfie'

Cassie Kendal releases a memorable new video for ‘Elevator Selfie’

Cassie Kendal isn’t one to disappoint, her latest release is sheer proof. With big choruses and an even bigger ambition, the music video for Elevator Selfie is a carefree gem that reminds us to not take things to seriously.

Cassie Kendal doesn’t do anything by the book, she’s made that very clear. Since the release of her debut single, the Gold Coast local has been bringing a much-needed joy back into music, reminding us to not take things too seriously. Her latest release is another gleaming addition to this creative lineage.

Where her single Elevator Selfie boasted subtle nuances, the track’s music video brings a spark of carefree fun back into the picture. It’s delightfully awkward and charming: the type of release that we need right now.

cassie kendal elevator selfie

Just over a fortnight ago, we had the pleasure of reviewing Kendal’s debut single, fresh off the press. You can understand our excitement when we heard that the track was going to be accompanied by a stunning new music video.

Shot exclusively in her friend’s apartment building, the video elevates her words onto a new level. Pushing against superficiality and re-instating authenticity, the singer’s work is worlds apart from her contemporaries.

“[Elevator Selfie] was filmed in a live elevator which was awkward because members of the general public were constantly walking in on me dancing around with my guitar, as you can see in the video,” the singer explains. “It was filmed on a GoPro, duct-taped to the mirror, in my friend’s elevator in Burleigh Heads.”


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Elevator Selfie Official Music Video now live on YOUTUBE!!!! Check out the full version – Link in bio.

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“The video was edited by myself over a few weeks and I wanted it to be the opposite of your typical glamour elevator selfie. I wanted to be dressed casually and take the piss of those taking selfies partially naked and pouting and taking themselves way too seriously in elevators.”

It is truly refreshing to see an artist aiming to bring positivity through their music. We absolutely can’t wait to see what Cassie Kendal produces next.

Check out Elevator Selfie below: