Cassie Kendal speaks multitudes into vibrant pop on her debut ‘Elevator Selfie’

If you haven’t heard of singer/songwriter Cassie Kendal yet, you will very soon. While only new to the scene, the Gold Coast local is writing songs that explode; painting their surroundings with vibrant colours and boasting nuances that trace generations.

In the case of her debut single, Elevator Selfie speaks to the dark layers of superficiality that exist on social media. It’s poignant, bursting with energy, and utterly captivating.

There’s nothing more powerful than a song that can capture the moment, Cassie Kendal knows for a fact. Spinning an undercurrent of our everyday into scintillating pop, her debut single Elevator Selfie is one that you certainly don’t want to miss.

Opening with heavy synth beats, the audience knows that they are in for a treat. A neon collage of bass and cymbal hits overlay into an utterly addictive groove, allowing enough room for Kendal’s striking lyrics to shine through. “I hear the lighting is good where you do your best work, so please take me another elevator selfie,” she sings in the track’s chorus.

Lyrically, Elevator Selfie denounces the reliance of self-image within our contemporary society and the permeation of social media in our everyday interactions. Kendal traces this image by drawing attention to their consequences, focusing on an individual who values an online presence over their relationships.


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1 Week Anniversary! I never expected this response. I’ve been added to playlists and am being listened to around the globe. Thank you all so much for sharing and listening to my silly old song!!!

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“The song started off a bit of a joke and I recorded it solely to test my recording and producing skills but it ended up sounding so good I took it all the way and released it,” the singer reveals.

Produced by the talents of Gabrielle Emery (The Letter Elle), Elevator Selfie is the open letter that pop music needed, a song that pleads as much as it condemns. With over 3,000 streams to her name within a week of release, it looks like there’s no stopping the Gold Coast local. You’ll be singing “hey, won’t you network with me” for days.

Check out the single below: