‘BioShock 4’ job listings confirm new details about the game

Job listings for multiple roles in Cloud Chamber, the developer of an upcoming BioShock title, have confirmed some new information about the much anticipated game.

The first BioShock came out in 2007, followed by BioShock 2, in 2010, and it’s been over seven years since the 2013 release, BioShock Infinite. Fans have been patiently waiting for a new game, and these listings confirm that it’s in the works – though considering the number of key positions available in the listings, it’ll be a while until we hear anything new.

BioShock Screenshot

Multiple listings within Cloud Chamber have confirmed a few details about BioShock 4, including their development for the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

The listings, which can be accessed here, have confirmed that 2K Games (who opened Cloud Chamber to develop BioShock) intend for the game to be developed for ‘next generation’ systems, optimised for PS5 and the Xbox Series X consoles.

The development jobs currently listed for Cloud Chamber are in Animation, Art, Game Design and Scripting, Game Programming, and Producing and Management.

The new listings also suggest that BioShock 4  will not be taking place in Rapture or Columbia, as they desire developers with the intention to “breathe life into a new and fantastical world.” This new world needs to be a “reactive world,” where the developers want to emphasise the emergent gameplay and player expression.

Despite the focus on storytelling and thematic depth, the Cinematic Artist jobs also require someone who has Wes Anderson like precision and panache in your camera positioning and movements” alongside their “impeccable timing” and “fantastic eye” for action composition.

While it’s all in the early stages now, with these requirements it looks like it’ll shape up into a very cool looking game. This is BioShock we’re talking about, after all. The bar is high!